February 2, 2012

In my Studio

It's been a little bit in the making, but my studio space is finally just about completed. Just waiting to put some final wallpaper up and the doorknob on the door. And all the while I've been working in here, so I'm yet to actually 'tidy up' and take some good shots to share, but I thought I'd give you a little taste, and show you one of my favourite parts. I had been collecting artwork for a little while so I was so happy when the day came that the walls were painted and I could finally hang these up! All courtesy of our favourite handmade community etsy!

Top Left: Sew in Love Silkscreen by HowToUseArt
Top Right: Make Something Good Today by pleasebestill
Bottom Left: Blue Bird Art Print by ChasingtheCrayon
Bottom Right: Scissor Print by Rufflewood

Before, just concrete and little gyp-roc. And a two year old making himself at home to watch Daddy hard at work. He did take the opportunity to learn how to use the hammer, Daddy's drill and a measuring tape. Maybe he can help out with the next reno project.

And before my eyes, it had electricity, lighting, paint, floor, custom work desk, cabinets. All kinds of goodness to finally get my work stuff out of my living room and into a home of it's own! Yay! (Another favourite part is that picture of Taylor hanging on the wall above my desk so I can see him when he's out at daycare). I'll post some more when I actually get the time to clean up a bit (I'm a messy worker :)

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  1. Ooooh, it looks lovely, and very well organised!


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