February 10, 2011

Handmade Valentines

I find it's hard to make time to do a lot of the fun, crafty things that I have floating around in my brain, but now that Taylor is here, I want to make more of an effort to make a big deal about holidays. Even mushy, gushy ones like Valentines Day. After all, this is the day for hearts and love, and for putting up little love reminders. I believe in saying I love you. I tell my family everyday. I don't think you need to have a certain day designated to do this. But I do like pretty pink hearts so it's a good excuse for decorating!

Little cupcake toppers, printed on pink paper, cut into tiny flags and wrapped around toothpicks. Stuck into the fluffy, delicious pink icing to say 'love you!'

Banner made from various scrappy bits in my sewing room. White and red gingham fabric cut into flags, embellished with red and pink felt hearts, then I used a wide piece of double face satin ribbon, folded in two and stitched to hang the flags.

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