July 15, 2010

A New Chapter

The day we bought our first home, my biggest birthday present ever, July 12, 2007

I've been preoccupied this past week with moving, rolls of packing tape, and trying to sort the things of our life into boxes of what to keep, sell, store and what we'll need short term while in transition. 

See I've been sort of sad and weepy this last few weeks. We've had our home on the market for quite some time and all of a sudden we got word that it was sold and everything was finalized and a date came for us to close and move out. Now normally this business of moving is an exciting time. The prospect of a new home, fresh new rooms and dreams of decorating. 

Unfortunately, the feeling of excitement has been missing and replaced with the sadness I feel for leaving a home I thought would be our 'forever home'. Once Taylor came into our life, things change and you realize the importance of having family near. That closeness becomes more important than a structure, even if it's one you love dearly. And the 'excited' piece has been absent as we are not moving directly into our new home, but staying with family while we continue to search for a new house. I suppose that part is on the horizon, so I should be looking forward to it, but it's been hard to overlook the obstacles that will be in the path of getting there. 

On the flip side, I have been trying to remind myself how lucky we are to have family close that are able to take us into their home and give us a roof to stay under while we are looking. Some folks wouldn't have that option, so for this, I am grateful. 

I am going to miss everything about our home. We live in a beautiful Cape Cod that is the same age as me. It has opened wood beam ceilings, and you can hear every drop of rain when you are upstairs in a rain shower. We are at the end of a cul-de-sac, surrounded by trees and woods, with crown-land to one side of us. Very private and full of wild life. For the past three summers we've had rabbits living in the back yard, and there is a silver fox that takes residence up in the neighboring woods. The trees are tall and all I can see out my windows is green, and they are full of the sounds of birds chirping and singing to each other. We have more room here than we would ever need for a family of our size. 

Something else you may not know is that I had made the decision recently to leave a full-time position which I have held at a local agency for eight years to stay at home with Taylor and to work on my growing business. Along with this comes some lifestyle changes. One of these is the big, beautiful house. We will be in search of an older, smaller, modest home for our family that we can make our own. 

It has been challenging, to say the least, as our ideal location is now a very popular, sought-after community, with tons of new developments and everything we're trying to stay away from. It is where my husband grew up and now we are returning there and just watching the market everyday for the right place to show up. It's been a bit of a process for us so far, with everything that could go wrong with the sale of our home, going wrong (including a horrible, surprise septic replacement that I don't care to get into).

 So I guess a small part of me should be happy to know that we are moving into the next chapter of our life. I take it day by day, waiting to get there. 


  1. Wow, you have lots of exciting things happening! The house you are leaving is beautiful - absolutely! - but my mother recently told me something wise: a house doesn't make a home. A family does.

    I had heard this news about you entering into LouLouBell full time. This is so exciting! You are both brave and inspiring. I would LOVE to do this ... someday maybe.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

  2. Andrea, thanks for those nice words, yes, your Mama is a wise lady : ) I remind myself of this, what is important is that we are together and healthy and happy!

  3. I do love that house...but I know you'll find something that you love just as much. And D is so handy dandy that it will be super fabulous. Remember when I left Extreme and I said...I hope I come back here one day and you'll have moved on to bigger and better things? I'm glad the next time I come home that's exactly what you have done. Super exciting and stressful (I know) times ahead.



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