May 11, 2010

Weekend Market

Well, back from the market... it wasn't the busiest of weekends, but I had a ton of fun, nonetheless. I especially like the opportunity to catch up with my market friends, fellow crafters, and get to know the other vendors better and trade crafty stories and tips! 

I was happily surprised to see that Sonia of Third Street and Susan of The Silver Hook were wearing my chiffon flowers in their hair! They bashfully let me snap these quick photos (sorry, not the best quality, I was using my phone, which I still can't focus properly...) Thanks ladies! 

These little baby balls I started to make when I was going through all my fabric scraps and needed to find a way to put those little scraps to good use! 

Lavender filled Matryoshka dolls, smell so pretty and fresh! 

Little Coin Pouches


  1. It was great to catch up, and at least we were in out of the rain.

    What lovely models!

  2. Hey Lindsay, pop over to our blog when you get a chance. We've recieved the Kreative Blogger Award and are passing it on to you.

  3. I love the little fabric balls and change purses and dolls. It all looks very hard to resist.

  4. I loooooove the Matryoshka dolls ! So adorable and the lavender smell is always delightful :)


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