March 13, 2010

Support for Children of Haiti

I had given some thought to how such great tragedies in our world often get so much exposure in the media for a small time and experience an outpouring of generosity. The fundraising efforts for Haiti were astonishing, but we rarely hear anything about it in the news these days. There are still many children suffering or alone, who have lost their families. It may be a small effort, but every tiny bit of support adds up. I've dedicated a section in my etsy shop to helping, to do what I can, 50 percent of the sales from this section I will be donating to the Canadian Red Cross. Please visit to learn about relief efforts and other causes that are in need of help. I am blessed in my life, I have shelter over my head, I am warm, I am not hungry, and I know where my family is. This I don't want to take for granted. Please if there is anything small you can do, the smallest efforts will have large impact together. 

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