February 18, 2010

Pearl & Daisy........some yummy!

Photo courtesy of www.pearlanddaisy.com

I was at a trade show a couple weekends back and I was neighbors to a lovely lady, Rebecca who is the owner and creator of Pearl & Daisy Handmade Soap. I was lucky enough to take some of her product home after the show, and I had to share just how delicious it is! (Maybe not for eating, but certainly for bathing!) I personally tried (& love) the 'Summer Meadow' which has rose hips that are so nice for exfoliating and it smells oh so pretty..... but I assure you that every kind in her soap line was so nice, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted, I would have liked to try them all! 

So if you're in the market for a gift, or some pampering of your own, I highly recommend giving this yummy soap a try! (and BONUS - she offers free shipping in Canada for orders over $60!)

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  1. Sounds blissful!

    What show did you do? How did it go? Hope you had fun!


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