February 24, 2009

This Baby Boy is Moving!

So today I went to get up, and to my surprise, every step I take I get this little poking in my side! And it's really not a nice feeling, it's kind of uncomfortable. We found out last week that we are expecting a little boy! Now, what will I do with a baby boy? Hmmm, I don't quite know that yet myself! I've never been a completely girly-girl, but I've also never been rough and tough, or into any particular sports and such. Nonetheless, I will figure it out as I go! We are very excited, and as much as it didn't matter to me - boy or girl - now that I know he's a boy in there, it completely feels as though that is how it's supposed to be - my little son in there kicking away! So needless to say, finding out the gender has made my nursery decorating efforts much easier! His room is coming along great, his Papa has been working away, putting down new flooring and trim, touching up the paint, switching out some fixtures, and next will be on to new closet organizers. He's also a very talented woodworker so he'll eventually be building the crib and dresser to go in there. As soon as all the finish work is done, I can move in to put my decorating touches in there. I found this fabulous (organic) crib blanket at a great Canadian shop, Modern Karibou. It came in the mail yesterday, and I have to say, I am very pleased with it, it's super soft! 


  1. Woman...I didn't even know you still had this blog! A boy! So exciting! They are so fun to dress! You need to keep me more updated!

  2. K Dre! I miss you - yup! A little boy, I'm so stinkin' excited too! I can't wait!


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