July 12, 2008

One year today

Today is the one year anniversary since my husband and I bought our first house. Today is also my birthday! And funny enough, our house is the same age as me! So today we spent the day together in the sunshine staining our back deck. It's a long process! But it's getting there and hopefully the yard will be put back together and everything will be ready for our at-home reception next weekend. Will post some pics of our progress then, but for now, here's a picture of the beautiful rhododendron that blooms in our front yard. It's a gorgeous plant, but the flowering season seems to be quite short. I think these blooms only lasted a few weeks and are now starting to fall away already. And if you look closely, there's also a little bumble bee in there. There's been talk of the honey bees disappearing, and it's a mystery as to why. This is sort of scary if you haven't heard anything about it.


  1. Wishing you a happy birthday!

    Your rhododendron is just beautiful. What an irridescant colour. And the new look for your LouLouBell brand is beautiful.

  2. happy birthday to both you and your house....from us in ON.
    by the way I love your design!


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