July 16, 2008

Back to School!

No, not me! I haven't taken any sorts of classes for a couple years now. But believe it or not, there's already the 'back to school' specials starting to pop up! I used to love shopping for school supplies (such a geek!). But I LOVED picking out my new pens, paper pads and pencil crayons (colored pencils to some of you) most of all. Guess that's the artist in me! Recently, Brittni at Paper and Stitch featured one of my little pouches as a pencil case for her 'Back to School' post. She's picked a great collection of really cute stuff. Take a peek! Maybe if you're on your way back to school you'll get some finds there... 


  1. I always loved getting my back to school supplies, too :) I love my Baaad Sheep pouch!

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