October 22, 2012

Oh Geez, another hobby!

Well, I say 'hobby', but this is my job. Really I love it! What could be better than experimenting in the world of craft and design and getting paid to do what I love? So in between sewing and beading and flame-burning a bazillion flowers in the last couple weeks, I've also decided to get out some fabric paint and screen print on the (clean) floor in my studio (only because I've used up every other work station right now with stacks and baskets of inventory I'm prepping for the Christmas shows...) I promise there is a method to the madness and such a thing as 'organized chaos'. It's right here in my studio!

Anyways, I am LOVING screen printing so don't be surprised if you see this creeping into my product line in the coming months. I hope you love it too! (teeny tiny flocks of birds on clutches found here)


  1. Ummm these ooooooooze with awesomeness!!

  2. Love these screen printed birds. I must have one!!!


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