January 29, 2011

Always a Bridesmaid.......

In the last year, I've made quite a lot of sets of clutches for bridesmaids. Sometimes a set of 3, sometimes 6, and in one case 14! So it got me to thinking, where did this tradition of having maids come from? I learned that in today's world, they don't really serve the same purposes they have in the past (but it's still fun to share your big day with your nearest and dearest)! It would seem that in the past, your BFFs would serve to more of a supernatural nature, so here's some of the tidbits of lore I found interesting:

- Early Greek maidens would wed escorted by a train of happily married, fertile women to serve the dual purpose of protecting the bride from spirits and to also have their own good fortune rub off on her.

-Ancient belief was that surrounding the bride by bridesmaids would ward off evil spirits that might cast spells against the bride and groom's happiness.

-Some maids were expected to wear white, the same as the bride, so as to confuse any earlier rejected suitors who may attempt a kidnapping of the bride on her way to the ceremony.

-Colorful bridesmaid's dresses were meant to distract these ill-spirits from the bride....

-Roman law once required that female wedding attendants would arrive dressed alike to that of the bride, also in attempt to throw off any 'bad spirits' and deflect from the bride and groom.

-In the past, males could act as attendants to the bride and were known as bridesmen.

So not exactly what we have come to know of the roles of modern day bridesmaids (dress shopping, spa appointments, etc...) But no matter where the tradition started, it sure is fun to have your girls to celebrate your engagement and journey down the aisle!

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