October 23, 2010

Purple Please

I love color. So it was a strange thing that I went through a number of years in my life where my wardrobe was a gloomy cloud of black, gray and navy. Last year I was happy to see purple make a comeback in the shops and I added about 10 purple pieces to my closet. I think purple can be an any-season color (i'm no expert though, what do I know?) What I do know, is that I really like purple. I pick up remnants now and again of fabrics that I see that I really like and when I went into my stash last week I noticed that there were accidentally all these shades of purple and silver piled neatly together. So it inspired me to work on this set above and I'm hoping to carry some of these at the upcoming shows this winter.


  1. Purple is the bees knees. I have a purple wall. Just sayin'. xo

  2. Beautiful! Look forward to seeing you at the shows this year - only a few weeks away now - yikes!

  3. Purple has been my favourite colour since I was a little kid. I even bought purple post-it notes for my desk at work. These look beautiful!


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