August 24, 2010

My Big Day Downtown

I just had a Big Day in Downtown Halifax! First of all, I was honored to be a part of this awesome promotion that was offered through the Downtown Halifax Business Commission. $100 to spend at my discretion... oh my, a little overwhelming! That money was burning a hole in my pocket!

What did I shop for? I admit, I was 100% greedy with my $100. Since having a baby last year, any bits of my shopping time are usually spent shopping for him, groceries, or other not-so-fun errands that have to be done - and any spare money I use to buy up fabric and other crafty supplies for my stash! So I put the baby in daycare, and away I went!

Gorgeous vintage styled store-front window at Boutique Joliette, Halifax.
(Cool tip: all the vintage lighting used in the shop is for sale, including chandeliers)

I knew the first place I wanted to hit up for sure was Boutique Joliette on Hollis Street. I've been in briefly a few times before, but usually as I'm rushing around trying to get errands done and dropping off orders (shop owner Alexis carries a variety of LouLouBell accessories there!) So I've been given brief glimpses of the boutique and every time I've stepped foot in there I knew I wanted to come back on a day that I can take a leisurely look around. There are soooo many little trinkets and treasures to look at, a quick look just won't do!

Above: Shameless self-promo - My hair accessories on display at Boutique Joliette

The thing I like about this place is that it mixes two of my very favorite things - Canadian handmade pieces and quality vintage finds. Below is a mix of some of my favorite things that stood out.

I have to say a very big thanks to Alexis' Mom for putting up with me while I asked her to see every ring in the shop - she literally had to drag out just about every size 6.5, in every jewelery display case in the place!

I love big rings! Which is kind of bizarre, because I totally hate the look of my stubby hands, but perhaps I hope that a nice ring will catch a person's eye and distract from my yucky, ragged nails that are in desperate need of a manicure! A friend recently gave me a gift certificate for a manicure that I am hoping to use soon. If you are in downtown Halifax and looking for a great place for a manicure, I would highly recommend Spirit Spa - I love that place! Modern, welcoming and comfortable and always smells so awesome when you walk in the doors. And it happens to be right next door to Felicity Bridal (super nice bridal shop) so it's really convenient if you wanted to plan to make a day of dress shopping and pampering with your girls!

Kind of went off my track there, but anyways - back to rings. I had a really hard time deciding on just one. I am partial to silver or white gold. And Boutique Joliette carries such an amazingly huge selection of stones and pearls and vintage pieces, you're sure to find one that strikes you. I had it down to a few that were all beautiful and I would have taken with me, including other local designers including Peter Bauer and Tory xo. When we were in Dominican for our wedding, my husband bought me a silver ring with a blue Laramar stone that I love and wear all the time. I wanted something simple, and plain that I could wear for any occasion and after trying on a bunch of them (and loving all of them!) I settled on this hammered silver ring from local designer Lynda Constantine. It's shiny and beautiful, I haven't taken it off yet, I love it!

Hammered Silver Ring by Lynda Constantine

So after feeling like I had completely combed over every gorgeous trinket and gem at Boutique Joliette, my next stop was up to Argyle Street to Biscuit. I've known about Biscuit General Store for a couple of years now, but have never stepped foot inside until my big day downtown, and I am so happy that I finally visited this place! Have you ever been? You need to go!

This is my new favorite place for clothes shopping! I seriously, no word of a lie, had to phone my husband while standing in line at the cash register to talk me out of spending my entire pay cheque here! Yikes!

This place is a mix of just about everything. Candy, housewares, stationary, accessories - it's got it all!
Here's a sampling of some the really cute stuff I found here and wanted to take home.

These little sundae dishes remind me of eating ice cream at my Nan's house as a little girl.

Ceramic soap dish with cherub.

I had been collecting articles of clothing as I went and I'm pretty sure the lovely sales girl that was there helping me had to take 5 or 6 trips back to my dressing room to unload piles of clothes for me to try on.... I was in there for a while!

This is fun. Random trash mag clippings splattered over the wall of the dressing room for your reading pleasure.

This is the sweater dress I haven't stopped thinking about since I tried it on.
I was HEARTBROKEN to leave this behind, but alas, my pocket book is only so big.

Biscuit only stocks a few of each pieces they bring in, so you know that not everyone downtown will be wearing what you have on. So a word of advice girls - if you LOVE it, BUY IT! Or it will be gone. I'm sure my sweater dress that was just my size, or the gorgeous burnt orange ruffle sweater that I had in my clutches right up until I had to pull my wallet out is also now gone to another happy shopper : (

I had to be dollar wise, so I landed on a purchase of a cozy, blue Cheap Monday t-shirt, and a safe and versatile long, gray, button down cardigan by Tulle LA.

So this was my 'Big Day Downtown'! So much fun! Besides the unique boutiques and amazing shopping, Halifax is also a great place in the summer time for patios - beer and nachos, and people watching! When I first moved to Halifax a friend of mine dragged me on the big green 'Harbour Hopper' and I would also highly recommend this as a good way to spend some time getting to know the city. Even if you've lived here for years, the amount of information and cool tidbits you can learn about Halifax is really great - you'd be surprised!

So thanks again DHBC, and to all the helpful ladies at Boutique Joliette and Biscuit General Store -

And friends, if you're local - take a walk downtown this weekend! And for my blogger friends, if you're ever planning a visit to Halifax, I'd be happy to point out some of the best places to hit up downtown Halifax!!


  1. don't forget that Ally and LA mentioned you in their Big Day video too:

    FPQT Big Day Video

    at about 30 sec in

  2. I love Biscuit! It's my fav store downtown for sure, as they have so much fun, quirky stuff that you don't see everywhere

  3. What a fun post! Love this. I love Biscuit too. I sure miss Halifax...especially the downtown shopping vibe. *sigh*

    We'll make a phone date soon...promise! Things have been so darn crazy.


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