August 7, 2010

Dum, Dum dee Dum

Sorry friends, I've been a little absent these days! Not to worry, I'm just super busy at my sewing machine! It's wedding season you know, and if you aren't standing in one this summer, I'm sure you're attending a handful of them! The above creations have been born out of the imaginations and color schemes of some really sweet brides I've been working with in the last weeks.

I'm really enjoying bringing the different sets together, basically I've been doing sets of 5, 6, 8 (14 in one case! Wow that's a lot of bridesmaids!) and I think having a different clutch for each girl such a great idea. That way the brides gets to choose each that's a little unique based on their friend's personalities and style. Nice, huh? I'm working on a set now in chocolate brown and pinks and cream, really liking that combo together, will post when they're complete!

Hope you all are enjoying your summer days and making through the heat!

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