August 8, 2009

Something to Fuss over!

Hi friends, I hope ya'll had a lovely weekend! I was busy this weekend in the studio sewing up some new creations. I came to the realization that as much fun as I'm having with LouLouBell, there was another side to me that I needed to sew up. And so I've registered a new shop, Fussed - a place to put my 'other side'. More subtle, simple designs, elegant and wedding inspired. It's brand new and needs some love, so if you're in the neighborhood, please take a pop over and share your hearts 


  1. i love your new shop! its great. such sweet items, perfect for bridesmaids gifts or anything really. im hearting it. and im eyeing the linen pouch with the doily. ill have to see if i can afford to toss out anymore money on etsy this month. :)

  2. oooh. you have such cute and lovely things... had to heart you on etsy! ;)


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