August 22, 2009

Crafty Notecards

In my efforts to straighten out my studio, I decided to take a glimpse into my very scary, packed from ceiling to floor closet. I came across an old shoebox I totally forgot about that was filled with stationary sets I've collected over the years. I'm sort of a paper addict.... And I always seem to pick up pretty little cards that I think other people would like getting, but being a crafter, I am adoring these little crafty cards from letterpress. They're more like artwork really, I love the texture of this and think one of these would look great in a white frame with some matting, hung on my studio wall. I just need to choose a color, they come in a blue and red one too! Or a set of these would make a nice gift for the crafter in your life....

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  1. Thank you for featuring our Sew Crafty card in your post. What a lovely blog! I added it to my feed reader and enjoy it ever so much!

    Letterpress Delicacies


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