July 28, 2009

Pretty Notions: Handmade Birdie Buttons

Ok, so as you know, I'm still adjusting to my new life of short bursts of waking and sleeping with my two month old! And routine now has me up between 3 and 4:00 am EVERY morning, because this little man is just a milk monster! And even though it's still completely dark here at that time of the morning, this is when the birds wake up! So it's kind of nice, when I have the window open I prop the baby up in my arms, and even though it's completely dark I can listen to the birds singing, kind of nice and relaxing. 

These have to be the sweetest little buttons I've ever seen! These cuties come from Popcorntree's shop. And they're completely handmade! Shop owner Sara cuts them and sands them all herself. Aren't they gorgeous? 

1 comment:

  1. i think youre gonna be my new awesome supply friend. haha. awesome shop. buttons, fabric, ribbons, lace. im all over it.


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