April 2, 2009

New York, New York!

Oh yeah! New York here I come! We booked this trip months ago, and wow has time crept up on me! 7 month pregnant lady meets the walking city! This should be good! Ugg, my feet hurt just thinking about it - we're going to try to cab it as much as possible and maybe throw in a couple bus or ferry tours : ) 

Most of our trips are planned around Dave Matthews Band concerts. My husband is the biggest fan out there! I swear! I think this will be my ninth concert, his eleventh or something! So what was a trip to go see Dave, has turned into a road trip with my sister and her boyfriend joining us - we're going to do a little shopping at the outlets in Maine, then off to see the big city for a few nights, on to New Jersey to see a concert, then back home. All in all, should be gone about a week. I know it may sound totally tourist-tacky of me, but I've never been to New York, and more than anything, I'm excited to see the Statue of Liberty! Also, we don't have a Bath & Body Works here, and I LOVE their hand soap, so I'm anticipating a visit to one of their stores also. My sister and I are definitely going to try and find a broadway show to go to, but there seriously are so many good ones playing right now, it's going to be hard to pick one! If any of you have any must-see tourist attractions, please drop me a line! 


  1. Hi Lyndsay - Wow - that's really exciting! I loved New York when I visited, my favorite place was probably the Metropolitan Museum. We ate at some good places too - Grimaldi's -http://www.grimaldis.com/ and City Bakery - http://thecitybakery.com/ were favorites. And, you are already probably planning a trip to purl soho - http://www.purlsoho.com/purl. Have a great time!

  2. Skip the empire state building...
    avoid the big line ups, and go to the top of the rock
    Its closer to central park and you will get better pics of NY, as well the top is surrounded in Glass. You can get a good pic of the Empire state building from it..
    you will thank me when it takes you 20 mins to go to the top rather than 2 hours.

  3. http://www.topoftherocknyc.com/welcome/default.aspx


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