November 4, 2008


Wow, have you ever seen the likes? It's been a while since my last post. Many apologies. Things in this life are busy! News up to date: Work is busy, wholesale orders continue to come in, thanks to all my supportive customers, it is truly appreciated! And to my friends, thanks for all your referrals, it's so nice when I get an inquiry on LouLouBell and I'm told they had been referred, it makes my day! Also keeping us busy these days is helping my sister and her boyfriend, as they prepare for the Grand Opening of their clinic, Village Wellness, in Hammonds Plains. The date is set for December 6, so more to come on this, we'll be sending invites to our friends and family soon. 

Also, I love Halloween, but I must say I was glad to be taking down the decorations this past weekend, for this means that our next holiday will be Christmas! My absolute favorite! I've heard folks complain about how early all the Christmas decorations and everything appears in the stores, but not me - I LOVE it! Christmas to me is the best time of year, despite the cold and the snow, there's nothing better than getting together with family and friends, eating and drinking and christmas carols.  So the countdown is on - 7 weeks until Christmas! Time to keep your eyes peeled for those perfect Christmas gifts! This shirt is on my wishlist from timberps at Etsy. The lumberjack reminds me of my husband with his moustache and beard! : ) 


  1. I'm with you - I love Christmas. I'm perfectly happy to go and admire Christmas decorations in the stores in September or October!

  2. Is it too early for Christmas music? : ) I'm at my desk working and it's just so calming and nice to listen to!

  3. Hello,
    i love christmas too, and it's never too early to enjoy...
    i saw your work in etsy and i loved it...i'm also there and i tought i try and give you my reference if you'd like too see my stuff and give me your opinion...thanks!


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